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Working in Media during a Pandemic

with Alia Henson



Alia Henson is the founder of Founder EPR, a public relations and communications agency based in the United States. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Alia has a deep understanding of how to build and maintain a company’s public image.

Prior to starting Founder EPR, Alia worked in the public relations departments of various companies, including Fortune 500 companies and startups. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Loyola Marymount University.

Alia’s expertise in public relations and communications has been recognized by various industry publications, and she is a frequent speaker at industry events. She is also a mentor to young professionals in the field and is passionate about helping others succeed.

 Alia Henson is a highly skilled and experienced professional who has made a significant impact in the public relations industry through her work at Founder EPR.

“necessity for efficiency”

-Alia Henson

The EO Wonder podcast episode “Working in Media During a Pandemic,” featuring Alia Henson, is an absolute must-listen for anyone in the media industry. This informative and thought-provoking episode provides invaluable insights into the challenges faced by media professionals during the pandemic and how they have adapted to the new normal.

Alia Henson, a seasoned media professional, shares her experiences working in the media industry during the pandemic. She talks about the impact of the pandemic on the industry, including the loss of jobs and the closure of media outlets. She also discusses how media professionals have had to adapt to remote work and the challenges that come with it.

What makes this episode of the EO Wonder podcast so compelling is Alia’s ability to provide a first-hand account of the challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic.

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