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Words and People: The Power of the Podcast

with Chris Krimitsos



Chris Krimitsos the founder of the Podfest Multimedia Expo, has made his mark in emerging tech.

He achieved consecutive world records with a global podcasting event and introduced a groundbreaking blockchain gathering.

Moreover, as a speaker, organizer, and media figure, he’s a renowned thought leader. Twice, he entered the Guinness World Record for virtual podcasting conference attendance.

Starting as a local cafe meetup, Chris grew Podfest™ into an international conference with thousands of registrants. A specialist in blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrency, podcasting, and on-demand audio, Chris empowers the global creator community.

“We started ugly, but we learn really quick”

-Chris Krimitsos

In this EO Wonder Podcast episode “Words and People: The Power of the Podcast,” Chris Krimitsos, highlights the potential of podcasting for personal and professional growth.

He also underscores storytelling’s potency and podcasts’ role in forging connections and communities around common interests.

In addition, Krimitsos explores podcasting’s practical advantages, such as enhancing visibility and credibility in a field and offering a platform to promote businesses or personal brands.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or a beginner, don’t overlook this indispensable resource. Tune in NOW!

Chris Krimitsos

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