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What Does Branding in the “New Normal” Look Like?

with Sasha Strauss



Sasha Strauss is a seasoned global brand builder, Managing Director, and founder of Innovation Protocol, an award-winning brand strategy consultancy.

Furthermore, he advises, teaches, and speaks on brand strategy, with an impressive client roster including Amgen, PayPal, Disney, Google, and more.

He is also a respected faculty member at UC Irvine, UCLA, and USC business schools. With extensive international speaking engagements, they’ve shared expertise across 20+ countries.

Sasha is also a featured resource on NPR, Marketplace, and major media, their insights have graced publications like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and LA Times.

“Give yourself the permission to not know all the answers, and therefore explore with curiosity” 

– Sasha Strauss

In this EO Wonder Podcast episode, Sasha Strauss delves into the essence of branding, unraveling seven dynamic rules that hold the key to triumph in this evolving era.

Engaging in a comprehensive discussion, Kalika and Sasha delve into each rule, covering everything from advocating for a company to accentuating its brand identity.

The first rule shines a light on curating content for simplicity, ensuring services and solutions are presented in a user-friendly manner, and facilitating effortless purchasing and reseller engagement.

Sasha then highlights the strategic importance of investing in relationships, emphasizing the profound impact of robust connections on business growth.

Finally, the episode underscores the imperative of aligning employees with the greater goals, instilling a profound comprehension of their role in contributing to the overarching objective of “working for the greater good.”

Tune in to this episode to explore how to navigate the modern landscape of branding and leadership.

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