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Velcro, Post-it Notes & Bandolier

with Maggie Drake



As Bandolier‘s co-founder and CEO, Maggie Drake demonstrated necessity as the spark for invention.

She conceived the luxury crossbody iPhone accessory, making it a reality with best friend Colleen Karis.

Today, she not only co-founded and leads as CEO but also takes charge as chief designer, managing daily business operations, divisions, and design-production initiatives for the five-year-old wearable technology venture.

“Create your vision” 

– Maggie Drake

Maggie Drake exemplifies the essence of a successful business – identifying and fulfilling needs. As Bandolier’s CEO, she drives innovation in luxury crossbody iPhone cases and accessories. Bandolier’s celebrity endorsements set it apart.

Tune in to hear Maggie’s journey and advice for aspiring female founders on Wonder Women Entrepreneurs!

Maggie sitting in office image for kalika yap eo wonder podcast

Join Kalika Yap, entrepreneur and host, in conversations with extraordinary thought leaders. Dive into the challenges, wisdom, and breakthroughs that shape exceptional individuals. (An Entrepreneurs’ Organization production)

Join Kalika Yap and Maggie Drake on this EO Wonder Podcast Episode.

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