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Velcro, Post-it Notes & Bandolier

with Maggie Drake

The key to a successful business is finding a need and filling that need. That’s exactly what Maggie Drake did. As CEO of Bandolier, a luxury crossbody iPhone case and accessory brand, Maggie is full of creativity and innovation. Endorsed by numerous celebrities, Bandolier has truly set itself apart as a brand. Listen as Maggie shares her beginnings and gives some advice to aspiring female founders. Tune in!

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Maggie Drake

Co-Founder & CEO, Bandolier

maggie drake and her dog

MAGGIE DRAKE is co-founder and CEO of Bandolier. Proving that necessity is indeed the mother of invention, Drake first brainstormed the idea of a luxury crossbody iPhone accessory, then brought it to life, together with her best friend Colleen Karis. Today, as co-founder and chief executive officer for the brand, as well as chief designer, she runs the business day-to-day, oversees its divisions, and leads all design and production efforts for the five-year-old wearable technology venture.


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Join Kalika Yap and Maggie Drake on this EO Wonder Podcast Episode.

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