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Turning PopSugar into a Media Empire

with Lisa Sugar



Lisa Sugar is the co-founder of PopSugar, a media company that provides content, community, and commerce to millennial women.

Lisa Sugar co-founded PopSugar in 2006 with her husband, Brian. Since then the company has overseen its growth into a major player in the lifestyle and entertainment space. Their website and multiple social media channels have grown too.

Also, under Lisa’s leadership, PopSugar has become known for its innovative and engaging content, which covers a wide range of topics including fashion, beauty, entertainment, fitness, and food.

Moreover, the company’s mission is to inspire and inform women, and Lisa has stated that she is driven by a desire to create a supportive and empowering community for women.

Lisa Sugar is a talented and accomplished entrepreneur, who has helped to build PopSugar into a leading media and technology company.

Her passion for empowering women and her dedication to creating engaging and meaningful content have made her a respected leader in the industry.

“Work hard, play nice”

– Lisa Sugar

This EO Wonder podcast episode featured Lisa Sugar, the co-founder and President of PopSugar.

In the episode, Lisa discussed the journey of turning PopSugar into a media empire, highlighting the importance of innovation, flexibility, and a clear vision.

She also discussed the role of technology in media and the future of the industry.

Lisa’s insights provide valuable lessons for entrepreneurs looking to build successful companies and make a meaningful impact in the world.

The episode is a must listen for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, media, and technology.

Lisa Sugar EO Wonder Podcast

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