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Theater to Tech Entrepreneur to Tech Women Fund

with Elisa Miller-Out



Elisa Miller-Out is a seasoned tech entrepreneur, investor, and community leader, who heads Chloe Capital, a pioneering seed-stage VC firm focused on diverse investments.

Further, as former CEO of Singlebrook, a custom software services firm, Elisa recently steered a successful acquisition, now serving as board chair and CFO. Her influence extends to academia, mentoring, and speaking engagements nationwide.

In addition, recognized by leading publications, she’s a valuable presence on private and nonprofit boards, offering innovation, financial acumen, and operational insight.

“Persistence and hard work, there’s no such thing as easy money or easy entrepreneurship”

– Elisa Miller-Out

In the latest episode of EO Wonder Podcast, Elisa Miller-Out takes center stage.

As the co-founder of Singlebrook and the Managing Partner at Chloe Capital, she wears the hats of an entrepreneur, investor, and devoted mother to two daughters.

Moreover, Elisa shares her fascinating journey, which initially led her through the world of theatre before finding her stride in the tech industry.

In addition, she is a dedicated member of the Women 2.0 community, Elisa passionately champions greater diversity and inclusivity within the tech sector.

Elisa also highlighted the indispensable role of a strong partnership while raising children and debunking the notion of overnight success—stressing the importance of persistence and dedicated hard work.

The Wonder Women Entrepreneurs podcast, hosted by Kalika Yap and produced by Entrepreneurs’ Organization, presents a platform where remarkable thought leaders gather to discuss their challenges, wisdom, and breakthroughs, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration in the entrepreneurial world.

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