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The Tech Yellow Brick Road

with Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia



Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia, Founder and CEO of PlayWerks and creator of WhizGirls Academy, leads an interactive media company specializing in high-quality immersive games.

Currently, she teaches Tech for Social Impact/Entrepreneurship at USC School of Engineering/Viterbi.In December 2014, she joined President Obama, the First Lady, and Vice President Joe Biden at the Whi te House’s “Reach Higher Summit,” committing to serve 25,000 inner-city children and adults nationwide.

Moreover, Shirin organized the first WhizGirls Academy Mobile Tech Tour event in South Central Los Angeles in December 2014, attracting 1,500 attendees.

“Giving back and making a difference”

-Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia

The EO Wonder Podcast proudly presents “The Tech Yellow Brick Road,” a groundbreaking episode featuring tech luminary Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia and hosted by trailblazer Kalika Yap. Get ready to be inspired and empowered as we journey through the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In this exceptional episode, Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia shares her invaluable insights and experiences in the ever-evolving tech industry, revealing the secrets to success.

Join us in revolutionizing your thinking and embracing the power of technology. In a digital age driving progress across industries, understanding the tech landscape is essential for staying ahead.

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