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The Secret to Storytelling

with Christina Harbridge



Christina Harbridge, founder and CEO of Allegory Inc.-a behavioral leverage company, joins Kalika on this special episode of the Wonder podcast. Christina shares what makes her company Allegory Inc. stand out in its industry and puts the spotlight on how to leverage storytelling as a method to create better interpersonal relationships and foster a more efficient work environment. Tune in now!

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As misChief Executive Officer of Allegory, a behavioral leverage company, Christina partners with organizations and their leaders to amplify their ability to work with and through others. Based on physiology and somatic linguistics, and made engaging through an interactive, entertaining approach, an Allegory course fundamentally changes leadership behavior, leading to better outcomes through more effective communication and better cross-functional relationships.

Christina’s early experience as founder and CEO of a debt collection agency that collected debt through unorthodox tactics (such as being nice) shaped her worldview on workplace communication. Employees focused their interactions on filling a person’s need to feel understood through emotionally literate tactics, rather than focusing on trying to collect a debt that may not have been owed. This values-based tactic reinvigorated the industry by resulting in collections three times higher than the industry average. The proof was in the wedding invitations.

Christina has co-authored software, built and sold a successful finance industry company, practiced acrobatic swing dancing, participated as a NASA test subject, and collaborated to design and weld several large-scale metal sculptures. She has served her community on the founding boards of The Bay Lights and Emerge America. Her story is covered in more detail in Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why”, including her methods to transform a confrontation into a conversation to improve the outcome.

Christina is the author of Swayed: How to Communicate for Impact, which reached number one on Amazon’s ‘Conflict’ category list.

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Her methods are featured in many books: Start with Why, Simon Sinek. Plan D: Lessons from the World’s Most Successful Disruptors. The Empathy Edge, Maria Ross. And many interviews/podcasts.

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