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The Secret to Storytelling

with Christina Harbridge



Christina Harbridge, the CEO of Allegory Inc partners with organizations, leveraging physiology and somatic linguistics for impactful courses that reshape leadership behavior.

Moreover, driven by emotionally intelligent interactions her debt collection agency experience, focused on empathetic tactics, yielded collections three times the average.

Also, beyond business, Christina co-authored software, excelled in finance, and contributed to her community through founding boards like The Bay Lights and Emerge America.

Her transformative methods are spotlighted in Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” and her book “Swayed: How to Communicate for Impact,” which topped Amazon’s ‘Conflict’ category.

“Sit, listen and understand” 

– Christina Harbridge

On this special EO Wonder Podcast episode, Christina Harbridge, founder and CEO of Allegory Inc., a behavioral leverage company sheds light on the distinctive qualities that set Allegory Inc. apart in its industry.

She also highlights the power of leveraging storytelling to enhance interpersonal relationships and promote efficiency in the workplace.

Tune in for insightful perspectives!

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