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The Science of the Start Up

with Mike Jones



Mike Jones is the founder of Science Inc., a studio and venture fund, that drives growth for portfolio companies using predictive strategies.

Moreover, with extensive experience in tech and entrepreneurship, he’s anticipated trends, from social software dynamics at Myspace to content evolution with Mammoth Media. Mike’s knack for strategy and operational efficiency has yielded over $2 billion in exits.

He’s based in Los Angeles, where family fuels his writing passion.

“When entrepreneurs don’t have a big enough vision, they build for the vision they know”

– Mike Jones 

In this EO Wonder podcast episode, Kalika is joined by Mike Jones,  the CEO, and Co-Founder of Science Inc., an innovative startup studio located in LA.

Mike provides an exclusive peek behind the curtain of Science Inc. He also delves into their meticulous incubation selection process, shedding light on their unique approach. Additionally, Mike reveals his perspective on the ultimate trait for achieving success.

Tune in now for valuable insights!

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