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The Power Of Undivided Attention

with Dandapani



Dandapani, once an Electrical Engineering graduate, left it all behind to become a Hindu monk, trained rigorously under the guidance of spiritual leader Sivaya Subramuniyaswami.

After a decade of monastic life in Hawaii, he transitioned to New York City, aiming to empower people with ancient Hindu tools for purposeful living.

Further, he collaborates globally with entrepreneurs and major companies, including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Nike, and Xero, teaching focus and energy management.

His impactful TEDx talk has 2.9 million views, while his GoalCast videos reached 75 million views in five months. Alongside his wife, he’s passionately creating a 33-acre Hindu sanctuary and botanical garden in Costa Rica to advance his mission.

“Giving someone your undivided attention is one of the highest forms of love and respect”

– Dandapani

In this EO Wonder Podcast episode, Hindu priest Dandapani joins host Kalika Yap to discuss the power of undivided meditation and focus.

He emphasized that learning and practicing concentration are essential for personal growth. Giving undivided attention is highlighted as a profound form of love and respect. Moreover, the conversation also stresses that life’s purpose should be self-driven, not dependent on external factors.

Tune in to gain insights from Dandapani‘s perspective on how focus can transform relationships and personal development.

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Wonder podcast, hosted by Kalika Yap, features conversations with extraordinary individuals, delving into their challenges and breakthroughs. Produced by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

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