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The Power of One

with Alan Mintz



Alan Mintz is the co-author of Scaling Up. Alan has extensive experience across all major finance fields, including financial analysis and debt finance boosting, and spends a large amount of time helping entrepreneurs handle their banking relationships, cash flow analysis, and other financial matters.

3 Key Points:

  1. The Power of One is to Understand Your Business, it’s the Code of a Company.
  2. Cash is King. Critical for a CEO to understand the company’s story.
  3. Understand your company’s visibility to understand the company’s outcome.

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Alan Mintz is the Chana Kekst Professor of Hebrew Literature at The Jewish Theological Seminary. His current research centers on the late work of S. Y. Agnon and his representation of Jewish life in Poland during the premodern era. Alan was a founder and co-editor of Prooftexts: A Journal of Jewish Literary History, a publication that has helped to establish the field of Jewish literary studies. In 2012 Alan was the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Alan Mintz is the Chana Kekst Professor of Hebrew Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary. His Ancestral Tales: Reading the Buczacz Stories of S. Y. Agnon will appear from Stanford in May.

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