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The Neuroscience of Now

with Brian Shiers



Brian Shiers is a well-known mindfulness facilitator who has helped many individuals and organizations develop their mindfulness practices. He has been practicing mindfulness for over 20 years and has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

As a mindfulness facilitator, Brian’s goal is to help individuals develop their awareness and learn to live in the present moment. He does this by teaching various mindfulness techniques such as breathing exercises, body scans, and meditation. His teachings are grounded in science and research, which he combines with his own personal experience to create a holistic approach to mindfulness.

Brian has worked with a variety of organizations, including corporations, schools, and non-profits, to help them develop mindfulness programs. He has also worked with individuals, both in person and online, to help them develop their own mindfulness practice.

Brian’s approach to mindfulness is accessible and practical, making it easy for anyone to start incorporating mindfulness into their daily lives. He emphasizes the importance of consistency and practice and provides tools and resources to help individuals develop their own mindfulness practice.

“Don’t force it, embody it and play with it.”

-Brian Shiers

In the EO Wonder podcast episode titled “The Neuroscience of Now,” hosted by Kalika Yap, guest speaker Brian Shiers discusses the importance of understanding the brain’s functions and how they can impact our daily lives.

 Shiers emphasizes the importance of understanding how the brain works and how we can use that knowledge to regulate our emotions and thoughts.

Throughout the episode, Shiers provides practical tips and advice on how we can take care of our mental health and optimize our brain function.

He suggests practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and neurofeedback to help regulate our emotions and improve our mental health.

 Shiers provides practical advice and tips that anyone can incorporate into their daily routine to enhance their mental well-being.

Brian Shiers

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