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The Intuitive Entrepreneur

with Jill Willard



Jill Willard, founder of IM and author of “Intuitive Being,” is a gifted Intuitive, medium, and leader in meditation practice. Today on the EO Podcast, Jill discusses how we can tap into our intuition and use it to better our personal relationships and get an edge in our professional lives. Tune in to hear Jill’s wisdom about the future, clearing space, letting go, listening to “the knock,” relationships, and emotions.

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JIll Willard Featured Image Jill Willard has a keen sense of what’s going on. As a gifted Intuitive, medium and leader in meditation practice, Jill’s ease and grace have many coveted her golden rays of wisdom. She is the author of Intuitive Being (HarperElixir, 2016), and has been featured on GOOPWomen’s Health OnlineMindbodygreen, and Atomic Moms. Her newest venture, IM, offers tools and tips on meditation and being here in present.

Jill has been an Intuitive all her life. She came forward with her stunning gift to help open, support, and teach intuition. Her work helps explain the chakras, or energy centers that when balanced, are key to health, vitality, and peace.

It brings Jill great joy to share this whole and important information.

Jill believes we can all heal and obtain capacities beyond our wildest dreams. We often negatively co-create our growth, evolution, and life experience with a heavily outdated belief system. Jill is here to help us become present. She believes we will thrive by realizing all healing comes from within and through trusting our gut instincts.

The work Jill does opens the body, mind, spirit, and soul for not only a better understanding of the self but a stronger understanding of the inter-connectedness of all things.

Her readings cover ground not yet chartered while at the same time offering a compassionate heart and true wisdom.

With Jill’s multi-faceted background and rare gift, a reading or teaching session leaves all wondering how Jill sees what she sees. Jill has lived her experience with grace and ease, knowing the great impact opening intuition has on daily life, family, relationships, & the world.

Jill has worked on multiple nonprofits, done readings for numerous people in the public and private sector, aided in missing person cases, and has helped thousands professionally for over a decade. Although it took coaxing for Jill to come forward, she is very grateful to be able to help us all travel through life with more inner strength, confidence, and grace. Letting our spirit be our guide.

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