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The Hardest Climb

with Alice Kao



Alice Kao is a prominent figure in the world of rock climbing and the Co-founder and managing director of Sender One Climbing. With her extensive experience and passion for the sport, she has made significant contributions to the climbing community and has played a crucial role in the development and growth of Sender One Climbing.

As a co-founder, Alice Kao has been instrumental in establishing Sender One Climbing as a leading climbing facility and community hub. Under her guidance, Sender One has become renowned for its state-of-the-art climbing gyms, innovative programs, and inclusive atmosphere. Alice’s vision was to create a space where climbers of all levels, from beginners to professionals, could come together to train, learn, and connect.

Alice’s love for climbing dates back to her early years. She discovered her passion for the sport in college and quickly became deeply involved in the climbing community. Her dedication and enthusiasm led her to compete in various climbing competitions, earning her recognition for her skills and determination.

Through her own experiences as a climber, Alice developed a profound understanding of the needs and desires of the climbing community, which she has successfully incorporated into Sender One Climbing.

“Share your passion.”

-Alice Kao

The EO Wonder Podcast, hosted by the incredibly talented Kalika Yap, never fails to bring inspiring stories that motivate us to push our limits and reach for the extraordinary. In a recent episode titled “The Hardest Climb,” Yap takes us on an awe-inspiring journey alongside the remarkable Alice Kao.

Alice Kao shares her transformative experience. Kao’s personal journey takes us on an uphill battle that few can comprehend, yet her indomitable spirit and unyielding resolve shine through every word.

The episode expertly explores the depths of Kao’s resilience, inspiring us to reflect on our own lives and summon the strength to persevere through our personal challenges. It reminds us that we too have the power within us to surmount any obstacle and reach new heights we never thought possible.

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