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The Hardest Climb

with Alice Kao



Alice Kao, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sender One Climbing—the largest indoor rock climbing gym company in the Los Angeles and Orange County metro areas joins Kalika Yap on this episode of the Wonder podcast. She shares her story of personal and entrepreneurial success, from experiencing a difficult heartbreak to finding climbing as a way to discover more about herself and connect with others. Her experiences teach us a lot of best practices on how we can turn our passion into a successful career path or business, as well as how she manages her many hats on a daily basis. Tune in now!

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In 2011, co-founders Alice Kao, Wes Shih, and Wes Chu began climbing together at a local gym in Los Angeles. For each of them, rock climbing was an avenue for self-discovery and a wellspring for the community during transitional times in their lives.

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When the founders opened the first Sender One, they found in each other a shared experience and motivation for climbing — to discover themselves and connect with others. This naturally became Sender One’s main purpose — a purpose they wanted to share with as many people as possible. While visitors may come to climb on the beautiful walls, they end up staying because of the community they find and what they learn about themselves through climbing.

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Sender One’s purpose is to discover ourselves and connect with others through climbing.

Every individual who climbs with us has a unique story. We vow to foster a space that offers inspiring climbing, yoga, and fitness experiences; an opportunity for self-discovery, and a sharing, social atmosphere for every member, new visitor, guest, and partner who walks through our doors (or who we meet outside of our doors).

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