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The Golden Girl of Goldyn Glow

with Saara Vakil



With 15+ years of experience, Saara Vakil is a seasoned entrepreneur and strategist in the corporate and start-up realms. After Wall Street, she co-founded Warner Independent Pictures in LA, sparking her entrepreneurial flair.

In addition, in 2007, she launched Just Perfect, an event production firm, managing it while earning her MBA. In 2012, Ernst & Young tapped her to lead Customer Strategy, driving innovation like a $100M+ Fortune 100 project.

Amid her demanding consulting role, health issues prompted her to create GoldynGlow in Nov 2017. GoldynGlow fosters healthier lifestyles through functional foods and superfoods.

“Move forward and face challenges” 

– Saara Vakil

Saara Vakil, the founder, and CEO of Goldyn Glow, is joining Kalika on this EO Wonder Podcast episode.

She transitioned from a Wall Street career to entrepreneurship.

Moreover, Saara’s journey includes founding an events company, co-founding a fitness and media startup using VR technology, and eventually pursuing her passion by launching GoldynGlow.

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Tune in now to hear about her inspiring entrepreneurial journey on Wonder Women Entrepreneurs, where host Kalika Yap explores the wisdom and breakthroughs of extraordinary individuals each week.

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