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The Golden Girl of Goldyn Glow

with Saara Vakil



Saara Vakil, founder, and CEO of Goldyn Glow, joins Kalika on today’s Wonder podcast episode. Saara started her career on Wall Street, but eventually, she became an entrepreneur. She talks about her entrepreneurial journey from having an events company, to co-founding a fitness and media startup that uses VR technology, to focus on her passion led her to start GoldynGlow. Tune in now!

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With over 15 years of experience, Saara Vakil is an entrepreneur and a seasoned executive in business development and strategy with both corporate and start-up companies.

Upon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Saara started her career on Wall Street and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. In LA, she was part of the founding team at Warner Independent Pictures, the independent films arm of Warner Bros Entertainment, where she discovered her natural entrepreneurial skills and passion for creating new businesses.

In 2007, Saara co-founded Just Perfect, an experiential event production and marketing company. She managed and operated the business for six years and stayed fully active while pursuing her MBA at USC’s Marshall.

In 2012, Saara was recruited by the Global Head of Advisory at Ernst & Young to join the companies’ newly formed Customer Strategy group where she primarily focused on customer-centric innovation projects and led major initiatives including a workstream on a $100M+ innovation project focusing on Experience Spaces for a Fortune 100 company.

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As a management consultant, Saara had a demanding schedule, flying cross-country every week, and working long hours. This unhealthy lifestyle led to many personal health problems. Disappointed with the lack of evidence for her diagnosis, she took matters into her own hands and found healing through an anti-inflammatory diet and incorporating turmeric and other superfoods into her daily diet. Inspired by “food as medicine” that didn’t taste like medicine, Saara took a leap of faith and launched GoldynGlow in November 2017.

GoldynGlow is a functional food and wellness company on a mission to inspire a healthier lifestyle by infusing your daily food and beverage with functional ingredients and superfoods.

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