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The Best Job

with Jess Weiner

Jess Weiner is a cultural expert, educator, consultant, and CEO of Talk to Jess. She is a “secret weapon” for brands, helping them contextualize and humanize cultural trends in campaigns—which ultimately boosts loyalty from employees and consumers.

Weiner has in-depth experience working with top brands including Disney, Netflix, Google, and Amazon. Two of her most notable campaigns are Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty and Mattel’s launch of more inclusive Barbie dolls. She is also an adjunct professor, author, and host of “We’re All Going To Die, Anyway” podcast.

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jess weiner

Who’s Jess?

Jess Weiner (WEE-ner) is a cultural expert focusing on the intersection of business, social change, and inclusivity.

She’s the CEO of Talk to Jess, a consultancy that works with Fortune 500 companies to help them better reflect people in their media, marketing, and advertising, and workforce.

Jess is a college professor, an acclaimed author, and was named by Fast Company as one of the most creative people in Business in the areas of Diversity and Education.

From boardrooms to writer’s rooms to the C-Suite, Jess’ work resonates with individuals and organizations alike.

Watch her digital bio reel here.

kalika and jess weiner

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