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The Art & Science of Gifting

with John Ruhlin



Meet John Ruhlin. A farm boy-turned-salesman, John Ruhlin is renowned for his radical generosity and gifting. With a diverse portfolio of top-notch clients such as Chevron, Caesar’s Palace, the Miami Dolphins, the Chicago Cubs, and much more, John Ruhlin knows a thing or two about the importance of developing business relationships. Listen in as John shares his methodology behind gifting and how it can help you grow your business.

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John Ruhlin

John Ruhlin

Giftology Group was humbly founded in college as a way to market Cutco Cutlery as a high-end corporate gift to companies of all sizes. This partnership with Cutco has allowed us to become the #1 all-time distributor of Cutco in their 60-year history out of over 1,000,000 distributors and an active consultant to their executives and leadership. Total sales of Cutco Corporation over the last 10 years have grown to exceed over $250 million a year.

Through representing Cutco over the last 10 years we have been fortunate to interact and build relationships with hundreds of leaders that have asked for our assistance in a number of areas and those requests have become a springboard for numerous companies.

Although our core continues to be impacting sales and relationship development, we also have developed relationships with industry leaders from diverse backgrounds and now have minority ownership in the following areas:

:: small business turnarounds (under $50M companies)
:: grassroots philanthropy and fundraising
:: leveraging strategic gifts to reach decision-makers, and other bottom-line focused activities including A+ level client development

Specialties: Strategic High-End Corporate Gifts:: Creating Residual Grass Roots Fundraising and Philanthropy:: Connecting Leaders with Leaders:: Developing World Class Sales Culture:: Small Business Turnarounds:: Private Equity

Check out what John Ruhlin, Known best for Giftology Book, has to say on The Art & Science of Gifting in his episode with Kalika Yap

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