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Stand Up, Be Confident, and Grab It

with Heidi Golledge

Meet award-winning, serial entrepreneur Heidi Golledge—CEO of Jobot, a revolutionary career platform. Heidi’s entrepreneurial journey had an early start. As a child, Heidi wanted to do whatever she could to make money to help her family. She decided that honing her sales skills and learning code were two ways she could make a difference. Listen in as Heidi shares her experiences starting her first company, acquiring funding as a woman in the tech industry, and the ups and downs of serial entrepreneurship.

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About Heidi Golledge

Heidi Golledge image for eo wonder podcast Founder + CEO of Jobot. A new kind of company that combines experienced recruiters and AI. We are nationwide and built on a culture of kindness + results.

Co-Founder + CEO of CareerBliss…a site that has over 8 million open jobs, hundreds of thousands of job reviews and millions of salary data points to help you make a happier career choice.

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EY Winner of Entrepreneur of the Year Award for CareerBliss and CyberCoders.

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