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Raising the Pink Ceiling

with Cindy Whitehead



Cindy Whitehead, a self-made serial entrepreneur, and vocal women’s advocate, challenges norms in her industry and enterprises, achieving remarkable outcomes.

In The Pink Ceiling/Pinkubator, she shatters barriers through investments and mentorship for women, aiming to elevate their success. With a clear mission to empower women economically, Cindy’s touch turns everything pink.

Furthermore, in a distinguished 24-year healthcare career, she’s founded and sold two businesses for over $1.5B in the last decade alone. Slate Pharmaceuticals redefined long-acting testosterone treatment, followed by Sprout Pharmaceuticals which gained FDA approval for the groundbreaking “female Viagra.”

After selling for $1B in 2015, she reclaimed and launched the drug on her terms.

Cindy’s trailblazing success and mission-driven ventures have garnered widespread media attention, yet her true pride lies in enabling others to seize control and create positive impacts. Her dedication remains unwavering.

 “I believe that a super power that women have is intuition” 

– Cindy Whitehead

In this EO Wonder podcast episode, we delve into the inspiring journey of Cindy Whitehead, an American entrepreneur who successfully built and sold two pharmaceutical companies.

She went on to establish The Pink Ceiling, an investment firm supporting women-founded enterprises and products.

Moreover, the Pinkubator, their incubator initiative, is located in Raleigh, NC. Cindy shares her remarkable transition from a Fortune-acclaimed company to founding Sprout Pharmaceuticals, renowned for creating the “female Viagra.”

Don’t miss out as she imparts her invaluable advice for triumphing as a female entrepreneur and founder. Tune in to this episode hosted by Kalika Yap, where we celebrate exceptional individuals who continue to astonish and motivate. Brought to you by Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

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