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Passion. Purpose. Profession.

with Tonya Lanthier



Tonya Lanthier, RDH, a successful dental hygienist with over 20 years of experience, is the visionary behind DentalPost.

This rapidly growing dental career platform connects over 67,000 dental offices with 850,000 job seekers. It employs metric-based career matching, including personality and value assessments, to build exceptional teams.

Moreover, Tonya’s leadership has extended to the launch of eight other job board industries and partnerships.

In addition to her role with, Tonya is a member of ADHA, EO, and ADMC. She contributes to community causes, such as NDDS Gala for Smiles and the GDHA.

A dynamic speaker, Tonya’s message revolves around assembling the right team for practice success.

“Women entrepreneurs tend to make use of the masculine energy a lot but it’s okay to ask for help” 

– Tonya Lanthier

In this EO Wonder Podcast episode, Kalika welcomes Tonya Lanthier, the founder and CEO of DentalPost.

Tonya shared her journey from a childhood biking accident that set her on an entrepreneurial dentistry path to the inception of, driven by her new motherhood journey.

Moreover, Tonya’s insights reveal how family dynamics, including her mother’s OCD, shaped her leadership. She also emphasizes problem-solving parallels in personal and business realms, self-care, and women entrepreneurs’ self-belief.

Tune in now to gain valuable wisdom from Tonya’s remarkable experience.

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