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Passion for Women Entrepreneurship

with Rich Russakoff

On this Wonder podcast episode, Kalika sits down with Rich Russakoff, speaker, CEO and Founder of Coach to the Best. As an entrepreneur, Rich is passionate about supporting women in entrepreneurship and helping others reach their potential. Don’t miss the episode as Rich shares how you can find your passion and the importance of finding your “zone of genius”. Tune in now to this inspiring episode!

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Rich Russakoff is CEO of Bottom Line Up Enterprises. He is an internationally known coach, speaker and author. His client base is made up of the top tier of entrepreneurial CEOs including several Ernst & Young Award winners and dozens of Inc. 500 winners. He is also an expert in bank financing for high growth entrepreneurial companies.

Specialties: Rich is a speaker and writer. He has been featured in Inc, Magazine, Fortune Small Business, Millionaire Blueprints Magazine, and as an “Ask the Expert” advisor for CNN’s He is a long time Faculty member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (including classes for Birthing of Giants) Program at MIT. He speaks to entrepreneurial audiences throughout the world about the critical issues facing high-growth companies. Rich helps position companies for acquisition.

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