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Model to Millions

with Lizanne Falsetto



Lizanne Falsetto, a celebrated woman entrepreneur, founder, and former CEO of thinkThin®, joins Kalika Yap on today’s Wonder podcast episode. Lizanne takes us on her journey of how thinkThin® started from her kitchen as some treats she made and gave to models in LA, to paving the way to become the first brand that put gluten-free on their wrapper and becoming a trailblazer in the portable food category. She shares her struggles and triumphs in raising her children, selling her business, and what she wants fellow women entrepreneurs to know in order to become successful. Tune in now!

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Lizanne Falsetto is a celebrated CEO & founder of thinkThin®, a health and wellness visionary, retail trend spotter, sought-after business media commentator, and advisor to the next generation of entrepreneurs. While a successful fashion model, she hungered for a protein-rich, high-energy on-the-go snack that was low in sugar and gluten-free. thinkThin® was founded to address this market opportunity. Crafted by hand from a personal recipe, thinkThin® quickly scaled nationally and globally. What began as a clear market opportunity in health foods ended up as a 20-year tenure as CEO of one of the fastest-growing health food brands in history.

After thinkThin® was acquired, Lizanne began a new chapter with LF Advisory as an advisor to CEOs and entrepreneurs. LF Advisory focuses on small to medium-sized, entrepreneurial companies with high growth potential in the food, beverage, nutrition/health & beauty sectors of the natural food & wellness industries – and identifies opportunities in these explosive segments. LF Advisory also offers corporate advisory services for large global enterprises. Lizanne’s vision for LF Advisory is to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and CEOs to bring consumers better sustainable and socially conscious products to market with a strategic marketing & retail strategy in the ever-changing food & wellness industries.

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In early 2019 Lizanne established the Pink Talented Angels (PTA) – an organization that thrives on collaboration. When women support women, it’s a win for everyone involved. PTA gives young female leaders the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals with life experience and the desire to share. Each event features a presentation by a selected entrepreneur who has a strategic request to the group to propel her business forward. PTA is an open forum to discuss the real-life business experiences of bumps in the road and the ways to navigate them. Women mentoring women is particularly powerful and creates an energy that is urgent, current, and lasting. The goal is to build sparks of engagement that flourish into individual and business growth within the health & lifestyle industry.

An active member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), Lizanne is on the board of the Global Health & Wellness Network, host of YPO’s Vitality podcast, and will be Chapter Chair of the Pacific Coast Gold Chapter in 2021.


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