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Mindset and Performance

with Tanya Chernova



Tanya Chernova is a global inspiration, renowned for her impactful roles as a speaker, author, mentor, and business expert. Her principles Mindset and Performance—”know your power, live your purpose, ignite your passion, and fuel your profits”—drive positive change.

Fluent in multiple languages, Tanya‘s reach spans 50+ countries, empowering brands like L’Oréal, Cisco, and NASA. Armed with a business psychology degree, she reshapes mindsets for success.

From becoming Canada’s youngest licensed esthetician at 14 to crafting the award-winning Time Reverse “non-surgical facelift,” Tanya’s entrepreneurial journey soared.

Moreover, she’s a force in women’s empowerment through Courageous Living, uniting global communities. Her co-authored Amazon bestseller “UnderMind” brought groundbreaking insights into conquering subconscious limits.

Her recognitions include Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women and a Women’s Global Economic Forum Iconic Leader.

“If you’re a person who feels like I’m all alone or I don’t trust or I’m not worthy, you’re going to create teams like that” 

– Tanya Chernova

Tanya Chernova a renowned speaker, author, mentor, and business expert, delves into the fascinating connection between neuroscience and leadership and takes the spotlight on this EO Wonder Podcast episode.

She uncovers how subconscious beliefs significantly shape behaviors and perceptions. Tanya also provides insights into the impact of subconscious beliefs on leadership styles and decision-making.

Tune in for Tanya’s valuable perspectives on self-sabotaging tendencies, embracing conflict, and her upcoming app that addresses these beliefs.

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