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Millions, Billions, and TikTok

with Evan Horowitz



Evan Horowitz, a visionary serial entrepreneur, leads Movers+Shakers—the world’s fastest-growing marketing agency.

With a focus on positivity and innovation, Evan co-founded the agency to spread joy.

Moreover, his unique ability to fuse brands with culture propelled them to #52 among Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing private companies. Boasting 250 billion campaign views, Movers+Shakers excels in TikTok campaigns, earning Adweek’s recognition as the premier agency in this domain.

Horowitz’s social-first approach has earned billions of media impressions and prestigious awards, including Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company and Ad Age’s Gold Small Agency of the Year.

“It’s not the platform that was successful; it’s just the platform that met the consumer need in a smart way.”

-Evan Horowitz

In this EO Wonder Podcast episode  “Millions, Billions, and TikTok,” Evan Horowitz educates about the ins and out of the world of business.

Horowitz shares the power of social media in shaping the world of business. He also discusses how TikTok has become a driving force in the world.

Moreover, he shares the importance of being open-minded and adaptable in the world of business.

With Evan Horowitz as the guest, you’re sure to come away with valuable insights and actionable advice that you can apply to your own business or investing endeavors.

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