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Mascara to Medicine, Kind Science Co-Founder

with Victoria Jackson



Victoria Jackson is a mom, wife, philanthropist, author, Hollywood makeup artist, entrepreneur, and founder of Victoria Jackson Cosmetics and the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation.

Victoria Jackson Cosmetics is a cosmetics brand that offers a variety of makeup products. As the CEO, Jackson is involved in all aspects of the brand, from product development to marketing and sales. She has built a strong brand identity based on her philosophy of natural beauty and simplicity, and her products are sold in retail stores and online.

It was the first to market a cosmetics line on television with eleven international infomercials. With a 10-year run on QVC, Victoria Jackson Cosmetics became an international sales powerhouse with over 600 beauty products that generated a billion dollars in sales.

Victoria and her husband Bill Guthy established the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation in 2008. When their daughter was diagnosed with Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO), a life-threatening autoimmune disease. The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation is to fund life-saving research to help understand, treat, and cure NMO.

“When you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you can change your life.”

-Victoria Jackson

The EO Wonder podcast‘s episode “Mascara to Medicine, Kind Science Co-Founder” featuring Victoria Jackson is a must-listen for anyone interested in the beauty industry and its impact on our health and environment.

In this episode, Victoria Jackson, the co-founder of Kind Science, talks about the harmful chemicals in our everyday beauty products and how her company is revolutionizing the industry with safe, non-toxic alternatives.

Jackson’s passion for creating safe and non-toxic beauty products is inspiring, and her insights on the beauty industry are eye-opening.

Mascara to Medicine, Kind Science Co-Founder with Victoria Jackson

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