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Living with Intentionality

with Finnian Kelly



Finnian Kelly is a sought-after speaker, event facilitator, and executive coach, Finnian has been dubbed “the Business Mystic” because of his unique ability to put consciousness into business and inspire leaders to find new levels of meaning and purpose through their creative endeavors.

Additionally, this approach flowed through his term as president of the Colorado Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), the largest and most influential community of entrepreneurs in the world.

As an entrepreneur, Finnian built and exited two multi-million dollar companies in the financial industry. He’s the creator and chief visionary officer of  Finnian guides people to be purposeful and aligned in their beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors so they can feel more love in their lives.

Finnian’s finest accomplishment to date was being featured on the popular National Geographic Documentary, Undercover Angel.

Finnian is a conscious being, committed to embodying intentionality and inspiring others to do the same. He travels the world spreading intentionality on speaking tours, exploring new places and cultures, and chasing powder as a ridiculously passionate skier!

“Intentionality is defining how you want to feel and taking deliberate action towards it.”

-Finnian Kelly

If you’re looking for inspiration to live your life with intentionality, look no further than the EO Wonder Podcast episode “Living with Intentionality” by Finnian Kelly.  He is a transformational coach and speaker.

In this episode, Kelly shares his personal journey of discovering the power of intentionality and offers practical tips for listeners to apply in their own lives. His message is clear, living with intentionality means taking deliberate and conscious actions toward your goals and aspirations.

Kelly also emphasizes the importance of accountability and finding a community of like-minded individuals who can support and motivate you along the way.

Living with Intentionality with Finnian Kelly

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