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Leadership & Beyond

with Warren Rustand



Warren Rustand was the former CEO of Providence Service Corporation, leading a $2.1 billion social services and healthcare company.

Moreover, his leadership extended to Rural Metro Corporation, a $600 million emergency services company, and TLC Vision, the world’s largest Lasik eye surgery firm. He’s also chaired six other companies.

In 1973, Warren became a White House Fellow, serving as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Commerce and co-leading the first Executive Level Trade Mission to the Soviet Union, joining Vice President Ford’s staff on his inauguration day.

Furthermore, beyond business, Warren chaired the World Presidents Organization, uniting 10,000 CEOs across 100 countries.

He also co-founded and chaired L3, a global leadership group emphasizing contributions in the second half of life.

As founder and Dean at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Leadership Academy, he’s a distinguished speaker on leadership, business, family, and personal development.

“No success in life compensates for failure in the home. Families require leadership in the same way business require leadership.”

Warren Rustand

In this EO Wonder podcast episode, Warren Rustand takes the spotlight. He is a lifelong entrepreneur, CEO of Summit Capital Consulting LLC, and former NBA player, he engages in a candid conversation with Kalika Yap.

Warren also imparts valuable insights on enhancing entrepreneurial skills. He delves into the concept of the 10/10/10 program, an empowering daily habit that lays the groundwork for success.

Warren’s fervent commitment to harmonizing the entrepreneur’s family life shines through. He emphasizes the significance of creating a visionary statement for the family, illuminating the positive impact it can have. Tune in now!

Leadership & Beyond

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