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It’s Not Political, It’s Human

with Lauren Messiah



Systematic racism, police brutality, and social injustice are just a few of the many harsh realities that people of color face in society. For too long, these issues have not been properly addressed. A good first step to tackling these issues is to have an open conversation about them and also listen to those that experience these injustices firsthand. Lauren Messiah joins the podcast today to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, her experiences as a black female founder, and how she plans to use her position as the EO Los Angeles chapter president to make a dent in the world. Lauren has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, and The Wall Street Journal, and was one of YouTube’s Women to Watch. Listen in.

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Meet Lauren

Lauren Messiah Sitting image for kalika yap eo wonder podcast

Lauren Messiah started her career as a celebrity fashion stylist in 2009 but quickly changed course when a junior executive at Nickelodeon “wished she were a celebrity” so Lauren could be her stylist. At that moment a light bulb went on, and Lauren’s mission was born: to change the way women get dressed.

Lauren Messiah Fashion image for kalika yap eo wonder podcast

Lauren Messiah changes lives.

Lauren is the most in-demand Personal Stylist having empowered over 5,000 clients internationally through her signature method of combining styling and personal development. She founded and created on-demand styling systems: Style Confidence Collective and Personal Style University™ and authored books: ‘Style Therapy™ (Fall 2020), ‘The Book of Style’, and ‘The Style Solution’.

Named Google’s #WomenToWatch on Youtube, Lauren has been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, VH1, The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, The Wall Street Journal, WWD, Refinery 29 plus many other prints and digital media outlets for her style expertise.

Lauren is an experienced facilitator, motivational speaker, and social media sensation with a proven track record and over 400k followers. She has conducted workshops and training for Bloomingdales, Westfield Mall, Nickelodeon, THE OUTNET, Luxury Garage Sale, Bumble Biz, and The Marketing Arm’s Influencer Continuum to name a fewLauren is a hostess to several continuing education and online styling and personal development courses she created to help women ‘unlock their true self through style.’

Join Kalika Yap and incoming EO Los Angeles President Lauren Messiah on this Episode.

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