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It’s Not an Information Age, It’s a Communication Age

with Megan Carpenter



Megan Carpenter, a revered marketing and public relations executive, co-founded FiComm Partners—a specialized communications firm aiding financial services companies. Her strategic insights and thought leadership have elevated brands and client engagement within the financial sector.

Originating as a financial advisor, Carpenter gained invaluable client-focused experience. This firsthand knowledge provided her with a distinct perspective on marketing and communication challenges faced by financial services entities.

Guided by Carpenter, FiComm Partners has flourished into a reputable marketing and PR firm renowned for financial excellence. The company offers an array of services: media relations, content creation, branding, crisis communication, and social media management.

Carpenter’s strength lies in strategic thinking and crafting communication strategies that effectively resonate with clients and their target audiences.

“The best thing you can do is to really stay true to yourself.”

-Megan Carpenter

If you’re looking for a thought-provoking podcast that challenges the way you think about communication in the digital age, then the “It’s Not an Information Age, It’s a Communication Age” episode of the EO Wonder podcast by Megan Carpenter is a must-listen.

In this episode, Megan Carpenter explores the ways in which we communicate in the digital age and how we can use communication to create meaningful connections in both our personal and professional lives.

Carpenter has a knack for storytelling, and she weaves together anecdotes and examples to keep listeners engaged from start to finish.

This podcast is sure to leave you feeling inspired and informed. So why not give it a listen today?

It’s Not an Information Age, It’s a Communication Age by Megan Carpenter

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