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Importance of Meditation to be a Better Entrepreneur

with Bradley Raider

Bradley Raider is a teacher, award-winning filmmaker, and entrepreneur who is fascinated by consciousness expansion. Today on the EO Podcast, Bradley discusses the importance of meditation for entrepreneurs to improve their creativity, productivity, and stress-levels. Tune-in to learn how Bradley discovered meditation, worked as an apprentice and began to teach – all while still having the time to release his film “Kensho at the Bedfellow.”

Key Points:

  1. Meditation is important for entrepreneurs because it increases creativity and adaptability while decreasing stress and illness.
  2. Everyone has time to meditate; it increases productivity so you are more efficient with your time.
  3. Vedic meditation is different from other types of meditation; 20 minutes 2 times a day is the minimal, optimal prescription.

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BRADLEY RAIDER is founder and executive director of MDT8 (short for meditate), a global organization that trains individuals and companies to be completely self-sufficient in the practice of meditation.

His work as a teacher, award-winning filmmaker, and entrepreneur is rooted in a deep fascination with consciousness expansion and its practical integration with creativity, productivity, and life purpose.

Having traveled with and trained as protégé to pre-eminent master of Vedic knowledge, Maharishi Vyasananda, Bradley has practiced and studied the subtle art and science of meditation for the last fifteen years.

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His certification as a Vedic Meditation teacher (one of only a few hundred in the world) compliments a holistic approach to health, equanimity and high performance that includes yoga, Eastern philosophy, performance coaching, and bio-hacking.

Bradley’s students include CEOs, clinical psychologists, doctors, attorneys, Academy / Emmy / Tony-award nominated filmmakers and theatre artists, and students ranging in age from 4 – 74. One of his greatest passions is sharing wisdom and experience with humor and inspiration, helping individuals and companies to realize their fullest potential.

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