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How to Win at Ecommerce

with Michael Jackness



Michael Jackness started his first business fresh out of high school at 18, armed with only business cards and a pager.

In 1998, Lee Technologies brought him on board when they had 40 employees and lacked standardized technology.

Moreover, Michael spearheaded network standardization, managed a 24/7 operations center, and departed in 2004 as part of the Senior Management Team, overseeing a staff of over 200.

In 2004, Michael also co-founded Protos Marketing from his basement, introducing a successful strategy of offering free gifts through online poker referrals.

Further, shifting gears in 2010, he established, focusing on top-tier keyword domains. Michael’s strengths encompass search engine marketing, cultivating relationships, and adeptly navigating change.

“Surround yourself with people who do the same thing you do”

– Michael Jackness 
In this two-part EO Wonder Podcast episode, Michael Jackness engages in a conversation with Kalika Yap on How to Win at Ecommerce.
Michael shares his path from launching his inaugural business at 18 to the intriguing narrative behind
Furthermore, he imparts e-commerce insights, advocating a shift in selling perspective and identifying products with innate market appeal.
Tune in for a compelling discussion!

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