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How to Communicate with Your Kids

with Dr. Lee Hausner



Dr. Lee Hausner is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist, family wealth/business advisor, and keynote speaker.

She is also a frequent guest on national media and has been a quoted expert in national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Time, Forbes, Fortune, Town and Country, Privilege, and The Robb Report.

Furthermore, she is a highly-rated resource speaker to the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), World Presidents’ Organization (WPO), and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).

In addition, Dr. Hausner co-founded a notable consulting group addressing family business and high net-worth issues. She also helped establish the University of Southern California’s Family Business Center, where she is currently the senior advisor.

“Learning how to communicate effectively is the most important social skill we can master”

– Dr. Lee Hausner 

In this EO Wonder Podcast episode, embark on a captivating 3-episode journey with Dr. Lee Hausner as she imparts invaluable insights on how to communicate with your kids.

The series focuses on entrepreneurial parenting, unveiling strategies to conquer challenges in raising children. In the final episode of this series, discover important methods for dismantling communication barriers and nurturing a resilient parent-child connection.

Tune in now for a thought-provoking episode with Dr. Lee Hausner.

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