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How to Build Your Network and Net Worth

with David Nour



David Nour is the go-to consultant for harnessing the untapped potential of relationships.

He has two decades of experience, he has also guided top organizations in recognizing relationships’ impact on strategy, innovation, growth, and profitability.

Moreover, David is an active speaker with 50-60 engagements annually, he’s authored ten translated books, including bestsellers like “Relationship Economics” and “Co-Create.”

Also, David’s collaborations span leading companies like Cisco, HP, and Disney. He serves on tech company boards, contributing to strategic retreats and leadership.

Further, originally from Iran, his journey to the US in 1981, with minimal resources and English proficiency, showcases his knack for nurturing connections.

“You can’t improve something you can’t measure” 

– David Nour

In this EO Wonder Podcast episode, Kalika is joined by David Nour, CEO of The Nour Group.

Moreover, with 2 decades devoted to studying business relationships, David imparts his top practices for maximizing your existing network and forging new connections, applicable even to introverts.

Tune in to uncover these intriguing tips for enhancing both your business and personal life!


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