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How She Grew Her Agency to $30M+

with Jean Freeman



Jean Freeman is the Principal and CEO of Zambezi, a Los Angeles-based start-up agency that has now grown into a $30M+ company in revenue.

Through Jean’s leadership, a collaborative agency culture was fostered while securing partnerships with industry giants like The TaylorMade Golf Company, The Coca-Cola Company, and PayPal/Venmo.

Her commitment to tailored solutions has driven brand advancement and solidified Zambezi’s reputation as a creative powerhouse.

Jean is also a staunch advocate for women’s leadership. Her involvement in initiatives such as MAKERS, The 3% Movement, and Entrepreneurs Organization advisory boards showcases her dedication to empowering women in various industries.

Moreover, acknowledged with the “3 Cheers Award” from The 3% Conference and hailed as “Working Mother of the Year” by She Runs It, Jean exemplifies accomplished working motherhood.

“Resiliency makes you unafraid of what’s to come”

– Jean Freeman 

In this episode of EO Wonder Podcast, Jean Freeman tells her remarkable journey, as a successful entrepreneur balancing her roles as a wife, mother, and CEO.

She also shares her journey in building Zambezi, a Los Angeles-based agency that has grown to an impressive $30M+ in revenue. The episode delves into the agency’s origin story, highlighting Jean’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive.

Moreover, Jean sheds light on the hidden challenges and hard work that underpin success. Social media, she points out, can sometimes create a distorted image of entrepreneurship, failing to capture the grit and dedication required to make it in the business world.

This episode gives an authentic perspective and offers a valuable reality check for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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