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How I Quit My Job and Made Millions of Dollars Online

with Michael Jackness



Michael Jackness started his first business fresh out of high school at 18, armed with only business cards and a pager.

In 1998, Lee Technologies brought him on board when they had 40 employees and lacked standardized technology.

Moreover, Michael spearheaded network standardization, managed a 24/7 operations center, and departed in 2004 as part of the Senior Management Team, overseeing a staff of over 200.

In 2004, Michael also co-founded Protos Marketing from his basement, introducing a successful strategy of offering free gifts through online poker referrals.

Further, shifting gears in 2010, he established, focusing on top-tier keyword domains. Michael’s strengths encompass search engine marketing, cultivating relationships, and adeptly navigating change.

“Change your pespective to sell” 

– Michael Jackness

In this two-part EO Wonder Podcast episode, Kalika Yap interviews Michael Jackness, a seasoned online entrepreneur.

Moreover, Michael’s journey began with eBay power selling, transitioning to SEO, affiliate marketing, and finally e-commerce.

In addition, he recounts his path from launching his first business at 18 to the captivating story behind Michael also imparts e-commerce insights, discussing reshaping selling approaches and identifying products with inherent market appeal.

Tune in NOW for an engaging discussion!

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