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How Good Company Can Save You in Worst Times

with Melanie Wong



Until 2017, Melanie Wong led the award-winning Premium Inc. as its President and CEO, culminating in the sale of the business to Office Depot.

At present, she directs her focus toward her real estate holding company, where she holds the position of CEO. She is committed to sharing how a business strives for good company culture.

Moreover, Melanie actively participates as a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a unique peer-to-peer network uniting like-minded global leaders and entrepreneurs spanning 61 nations. She also holds membership in YPO, a global community of exceptional chief executives hailing from 142 countries.

Additionally, Melanie founded the J Charitable Foundation, showcasing her commitment to philanthropy.

Melanie’s exceptional leadership, business acumen, and community contributions have earned her numerous prestigious awards and accolades. Notably, she holds certification as a training coach for Becoming Your Best, further exemplifying her dedication to personal and professional development.

“Habits for success include continued learning”

– Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong, CEO of Premium Inc., is proud to have earned various awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, small business person of the year, top women’s business in Hawaii, and ranked in Hawaii’s top 200 businesses.

Today on the EO Wonder Podcast, Melanie shares the importance of continuing your education beyond the classroom and how a good company culture can save you in the worst of times.

Tune in to learn how Melanie handled a sudden end to her warehouse lease, two major floodings, wire thieves, and condescension from vendors and clients when entering a new market as a female entrepreneur.

How good company culture can save you at worst time

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