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“Great Leaders Don’t Create Followers, They Create More Leaders.”

with Brian Brault



Brian Brault actively leads not just one but two companies, he serves as CEO of Advanced Facilities Services Intl. Inc. and also holds the esteemed position of Global Forum Chairperson for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Brian consistently defies expectations, consistently offering authenticity in every action and utterance.

Renowned for his expertise in cultivating robust teams and steering rapid business expansion, Brian has etched an exceptional path, he created not just followers but also leaders through his remarkable leadership.

Where his adept guidance and leadership skills propelled two companies to secure coveted spots on Inc. Magazine’s prestigious list of “Fastest Growing Companies.”

“To have love returned, you must step out and become vulnerable”

– Brian Brault

In this EO Wonder podcast episode, Brian Brault, CEO of PURE Solutions NA and EO Global Chairman, discusses the essence of entrepreneurship and leadership.

He also highlights the importance of creating a welcoming environment for women entrepreneurs and emphasizes the value of vulnerability in establishing connections.

Moreover, Brian shares insights on leadership, emphasizing the role of leaders in nurturing more leaders rather than just followers.

Delve into this episode that underscores the vital role of shared experiences within the entrepreneurial community. It concludes with a powerful takeaway: the strength of impactful leadership lies in nurturing a closely-knit team with shared aspirations.

Don’t miss out – join Brian Bault on this enlightening journey. Tune in NOW!

Brian Bault

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