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Good in Bed

with Ashley Merrill

Meet Ashley Merrill, founder, and CEO of Lunya, a line of modern luxury sleepwear for women. Starting a business is hard enough, but Ashley managed to do it as a new mom! Listen in as she shares her core values, how she overcame her struggles, what it’s like to be married to and live with another entrepreneur. She also shares how brand marketing is important and how to maximize its impact. Tune in now!

Ashley talks about how Lunya’s fabrics collections address different problems. What is Lunya? and What does the name Lunya mean?

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I walked by my bedroom mirror and marveled at my outfit – I was wearing my husband’s old frat t-shirt and rolled up boxer briefs. In the pursuit of comfort, I had let the wheels fall off. This realization sent me on a journey to find comfortable, flattering sleepwear, but the options available didn’t match the modern woman I was or wanted to be.

I realized that even though you spend over one-third of your life in bed, sleepwear tends to be the most undervalued part of your wardrobe. It became my mission to make sure that women could feel both comfortable and confident.

Ashley Merrill, Founder + CEO

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