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From Side Hustle to Inc. 5000 in Two Years

with Kate Hancock



On this Wonder episode, Kalika is joined by Kate Hancock, the president of OC Facial Care Center and EO Orange County member. She walks us through her entrepreneurial journey which started from baking a family secret recipe to launching her own spa and a boutique hotel on a tiny island called Camiguin. Kate is also named one of the 2018 Top 100 Most Influential Filipina in the World by Filipina Women’s Network and OC Facial Care Center made its way onto Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing privately owned companies in 2017. She shares the inspiration behind her success as a woman entrepreneur. Tune in now!

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Meet Kate.

A serial entrepreneur, speaker, and mom to two amazing boys. 👦👦

Kate started her first business with $20 and she grew it into a multiple-seven-figure-online store.

Next, she ventured into the spa business in order to help others who suffered from skin conditions like herself. She started with one treatment room, moved on to two locations, and won the Inc 5000 list twice.

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Born from a beautiful island in Camiguin, Philippines. She always dreamt of one day being to provide jobs to her fellow Filipinos and promoting Camiguin which is why she founded the boutique hotel brand Bintana Sa Paraiso. The funny story is she drew the structure on a napkin and luckily it came out amazing. Plus she was able to manage this business 100% remote from another country due to having the most amazing staff.

Kate realized through all of this she has a passion for creating amazing brands that inspire people and make them feel special.

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Today her focus is on IBH Media. They started by wanting to inspire more women to live their dreams of entrepreneurship with the podcast called Inspired by her with Kate Hancock.

More than a podcast interview – it is a live, candid, and open conversation that helps women tell their stories of triumph and perseverance.

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