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From C Student to C Suite

with Tami Holzman



Tamara Holzman, a former executive in entrepreneurial business development, boasts a rich background spanning Fortune 100 corporations and startups, showcasing her versatility. Her adeptness at cultivating relationships and identifying untapped markets stands out.

Moreover, in her impactful role at avVenta (now Accenture), she spearheaded global business development, nurturing connections with Fortune 500 companies and top-tier executives, highlighting her proficiency in fostering meaningful associations.

She is also an advocate for women’s outreach, Tamara authored the best-selling book “From C-Student to C-Suite,” a contemporary guide navigating business and relationships.

Further, from a career starting in entertainment, including roles as a talent agent and executive producer, Tamara transitioned smoothly into Fortune 500 marketing, culminating as Chief Brand Officer at the Plastic Bank.

“You don’t need to be perfect to be successful” 

– Tami Holzman

In this episode of EO Wonder podcast, Tami Holzman takes the spotlight.

As the brilliant mind behind the best-selling book “From C-Student to the C-Suite,” she has a unique and compelling story to share.

Moreover, Tami dives into her remarkable transformation from a humble “C” student to a multifaceted success story.

Tami’s journey isn’t just about personal achievement—it’s also about empowering others. Through her experiences, she has emerged as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring authors, budding entrepreneurs, and advocates of gender equality in business.

In addition, as an angel investor, she’s not only navigated the intricate realms of business but has also used her platform to champion women’s entrepreneurship.

If you’re seeking a dose of motivation and a testament to the power of determination, this episode is a must-listen.

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