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Entrepreneur Families & The Road to College

with Catie Chase

Catie Chase is a purpose-driven educator who has dedicated over two decades to guiding teens and emerging adults.

Moreover, Catie takes on the roles of an independent educational consultant, learning specialist, and college-bound student life coach, drawing from certifications and a Master’s degree in Education.

With a focus on fostering relationships, she also creates a student-centered, nurturing, and open environment rooted in advocacy, empathy, and the best educational practices and research.

Through her expertise, she instills confidence and develops personalized plans, empowering students to set and achieve their college placement goals.

Catie Chase is an experienced educational consultant and coach who specializes in helping students with learning disabilities. With a background in psychology and education, in this EO Wonder Podcast episode, Catie provides valuable insights and strategies to help students achieve their academic and personal goals.

Tune in to learn and be inspired by Catie Chase!

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