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Entertainer to Entrepreneur, Doing What Scares You

with Natasha Miller



Natasha Miller is an award-winning, Wall Street Journal bestselling author. She sits at the helm of Entire Productions, but she isn’t your average CEO. She is a hyphenated entrepreneur who began her career in entertainment as a celebrated jazz artist with seven records released on her own label, Poignant Records.

Having founded Entire Productions in 2000, when she was still performing, this single mother and Des Moines, Iowa, native single-handedly built a profitable multi-million dollar company.

Today, Entire Productions is the go-to event and entertainment production company headquartered in San Francisco. With the support of her amazing staff, handpicked by Natasha, Entire Productions’ trusted expertise is relied upon to execute a slate of corporate special events for an enviable roster of clients, including Salesforce, Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the like. They have been on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America for three years in a row.

Natasha’s passion and commitment to giving back drive her invariable contributions to and participation with numerous charitable organizations. Her current focus is raising awareness and funds for the Covenant House. She is a member and the communications “expert” for EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization).

“It’s not enough to be Resilient; you’ve got to be Relentless.”

-Natasha Miller

If you’re looking for some inspiration to take the leap from being an entertainer to an entrepreneur, then you absolutely need to check out the “Entertainer to Entrepreneur: Doing What Scares You” episode of the EO Wonder podcast, featuring Natasha Miller.

As an accomplished jazz vocalist, Natasha Miller knows a thing or two about taking risks and following her dreams. But in this episode, she goes beyond just sharing her personal story .

She also gives listeners a wealth of practical advice and encouragement for anyone who’s considering making the transition from performing artist to business owner.

Natasha also shares some invaluable insights about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, particularly in the arts.

Entertainer to Entrepreneur, Doing What Scares You by Natasha Miller

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