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Emotional Blueprinting

with Rochelle Carrington



Rochelle Carrington is an accomplished leader making waves as the President and CEO of Bulletproof Management Inc.

With a dynamic track record of success, Rochelle has earned her place at the forefront of her field.

Moreover, her insights and expertise have not only positioned her as a sought-after authority but have also earned her recognition on significant platforms.

Notably, she took the stage at the 2019 ELFA Women’s Leadership Forum, where she shared her wisdom on harnessing the “Power of Personal Branding” in her session titled “Live Your Legacy.”

Further, Rochelle Carrington’s journey of influence continues to inspire and empower, making her a driving force in today’s business landscape.

“Have a strong mindset so no matter what happens you can bounce back” 

– Rochelle Carrington

In this EO Wonder Podcast episode, Rochelle Carrington the president and CEO of Bulletproof Management Inc. takes the center stage.

She has over 30 years of experience in coaching, sales, and management. In this podcast, she talks about “Emotional Blueprinting,” a process in which you eliminate your limiting beliefs and rewire your mind for success.

Listen in as Rochelle talks about the techniques used in this 90-day protocol!

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