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Don’t Lose Your Scrappiness

with Lynn Perkins



Grit, determination, and scrappiness—all are important traits in an entrepreneur. Listen and learn about how Lynn Perkins went from naturally connecting and matchmaking to building her third successful startup, Urban Sitter, a service that connects parents to sitters. As the founder of a VC backed company with over 500,000 sitters worldwide, Lynn has gone through and overcome many challenges. She shares how her company is adapting to the global pandemic, how she obtained VC funding for her company, and how she did it all while being a parent with three kids. Tune in!

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Lynn Perkins: The Mommy Entrepreneur

In 2011, Lynn Perkins took a break from the tech world to spend quality time with her small kids. In doing so, she came up with her next start-up idea—and got a unique insight into her future customer base. “I had connected with the mom community,” says the Bay Area-based CEO of UrbanSitter. “These mom groups had these online lists, looking for sitters or nannies. I found it fascinating that people would take advice from the people in this group—that they felt less guilty leaving their kids if they had some connection to that sitter.”

Not long after that, was born, a website where members access child-care referrals through common connections and groups—schools, playgroups, swimming programs, and more. (Sitters, meanwhile, are vetted with multiple levels of background checks, including social media use.)

By: Katrina Brown Hunt


UrbanSitter Story

As busy parents, we know that life is a balancing act and you need childcare that’s reliable, trustworthy, and available‚ even at the last minute. That’s why we’ve completely reinvented the process of finding a babysitter, so with a tap, you can hire the sitters most trusted by your local community of parent-friends and neighbors.

We’ve also eliminated the hassle that comes along with hiring a babysitter, from scheduling to payment, so all you have to do is say “yes” to date nights, parent-teacher conferences, time for yourself and time with friends. At UrbanSitter, we celebrate parents who take care of their kids and themselves. Our hats are off to you‚ the ones who pull off the world’s greatest balancing act.

Listen in on how she went from doing what she did naturally – matchmaking to building a VC backed company with over 500,000 sitters nationwide!



Don’t lose your scrappiness with Lynn Perkins

Don't lose your scrappiness with Lynn Perkins

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