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Delight, Not Satisfaction

with Sameer Bhatia



Sameer Bhatia is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of He believes that software should make you happy and is driven to create a 100-year-old company that delivers delightfully smart software with awesome support.

His favorite word is ‘delight’ and he dislikes the term ‘customer satisfaction,’ as he believes that “satisfaction” is a low bar and users must get nothing less than a delightful experience at ProProfs.

Moreover, ProProfs is a cloud-based SaaS company headquartered in Santa Monica, California. ProProfs hosts more than 1,000,000 pages of content in 70+ languages and is a leading platform for online training and assessment with the world’s largest library of professional tests and quizzes.

ProProfs’ products include quizzes, surveys, training, knowledge bases, live chat, project management, and more.

Sameer holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Southern California (USC). He lives in Santa Monica with his wife and two daughters.

“Happiness starts from with in.”

-Sameer Bhatia

If you’re someone who’s always striving for satisfaction, you might want to rethink your approach to life. In the “Delight, Not Satisfaction” episode of the EO Wonder podcast, hosted by Kalika Yap, Sameer Bhatia sheds light on the importance of delight in our lives.

Bhatia, the founder of ProProfs, shares his experiences building and scaling a successful company. He believes that many entrepreneurs and business owners are focused solely on achieving satisfaction, but he argues that delight is the key to building long-term success.

Sameer shares examples of how his company has focused on delighting customers, rather than simply satisfying them. By going above and beyond to exceed customers’ expectations, ProProfs has built a loyal customer base that has helped the company grow and thrive.

Sameer Bhatia

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