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Conversations are the New Currency

with Alia Henson



Founder of Founder EPR, Alia Henson, spearheads a US-based public relations and communications agency. Leveraging 15+ years of industry insight, she excels in crafting and preserving corporate public identities.

Alia honed her expertise through PR roles at Fortune 500 enterprises and startups before establishing Founder EPR. Armed with a Communication degree from Loyola Marymount University, she’s acclaimed by industry publications and frequents industry events as a speaker. Alia’s mentorship of aspiring professionals underscores her dedication to fostering success.

Alia Henson, an adept and seasoned professional, leaves a remarkable imprint on public relations through her pivotal contributions at Founder EPR.

“Continue to just build authenticity.”

-Alia Henson

The EO Wonder Podcast emerges as an inspiring life-changer among podcasts. Hosted by Kalika Yap, its recent episode, “Conversations are the New Currency,” shines a spotlight on the exceptional Alia Henson.

Alia, celebrated for her communication prowess and emotional intelligence advocacy, fuels the episode with her profound insights. She delves into how impactful conversations mold relationships, careers, and overall well-being.

Alia’s mastery of human dynamics captivates, leaving listeners eager for more. This episode isn’t mere consumption; it triggers personal and professional metamorphosis.

Alia Henson‘s genuine connection zeal and Kalika Yap’s engaging hosting style fuel motivation for action. Together, they affirm the potential of each conversation to ripple into a life-changing force, for ourselves and those around us.

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