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Communication, Connection, and Certainty

with Elizabeth Koraca

From politics to reporter to career coach, Elizabeth Koraca is well-versed in what it takes to be a good public speaker. She helps business executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals with their presentation, communication, and speaking skills. Her work has allowed her to travel the globe helping people become better public speakers. Tune in as Elizabeth shares the importance of practice, building confidence, knowing your audience, and keeping things simple. Listen in!

From TV Anchor to Coach, Elizabeth Koraca Learns Secrets of Seizing the Spotlight!

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Career Coach & TV Contributor

Elizabeth Koraca Workshop

Elizabeth Koraca is a Career Coach and TV Contributor and former Reuter’s TV anchor who uses her 15+ years of experience to train, coach, strategize and help people boost job performance, excel in their careers, and find their voice as a leader.

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Elizabeth Koraca and Kalika Yap

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