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Change Your Questions. Change Your Life

with Cal Fussman



Cal Fussman, a renowned speaker, bestselling author, and Esquire writer, reshapes mindsets by sharing insights from his interviews with global icons.

His talks at Facebook, Pixar, Twitter, and more spark change by refining communication through storytelling.

Moreover, podcast fame with Tim Ferriss launched Cal’s speaking journey, captivating listeners with his narratives.

Also, as an Esquire writer, he’s acclaimed for extracting peerless insights from figures like Gorbachev, Bezos, and Ali.

An adventurer at heart, Fussman‘s Brooklyn origins led to swimming with sharks, mingling with gorillas, and boxing Julio Cesar Chavez. Now in LA, he shares breakfast with Larry King, continuing to inspire with his words and experiences.

“Communication is 10% what you say, 30% tone of voice, and 60% body language”

– Cal Fussman

Cal Fussman, acclaimed as a bestselling author, Esquire Magazine‘s writer-at-large, keynote speaker, and interviewing expert, takes the spotlight in this EO Wonder Podcast.

He also shares insights about nurturing genuine curiosity and honing questioning skills, he believes that learning how to change your questions can change your life, and the art of active listening—essential traits for successful entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, Cal’s wisdom highlights how curiosity can transform interviews into captivating conversations and the value of asking unconventional questions to leave a memorable mark.

Moreover, his advice underscores the pivotal role of these skills in fostering connections and achieving entrepreneurial success.

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