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Caring for the Family Means Caring for the Future

with Jessica Chang



Jessica Chang is the CEO and co-founder of WeeCare, a technology-driven childcare company that provides affordable and accessible childcare options for families.

Further, she founded the company in 2017 in response to the challenges she faced as a working mother trying to find quality and affordable childcare.

She is also a passionate advocate for early childhood education and is dedicated to improving the accessibility and affordability of childcare for families.

Moreover, Jessica Chang’s leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have led WeeCare to become a leading provider of childcare solutions for families, and she continues to work towards her vision of making quality childcare accessible for all.

“we are great as a mother”

-Jessica Chang

The EO Wonder podcast episode “Caring for the Family Means Caring for the Future” featuring Jessica Chang is an inspiring and compelling conversation about the importance of family care and its impact on the future.

She shares her personal journey and the valuable lessons she has learned about the benefits of prioritizing family care. Jessica emphasizes that taking care of our families is not a luxury but a necessity for achieving long-term success and happiness.

Jessica shares that as entrepreneurs, we need to cultivate a culture that values and encourages family care.

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