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Being the Connector and the Disruptor

with Susan Lindner



Meet Susan Lindner, the dynamic force behind Emerging Media, an acclaimed PR, marketing, branding, and social media powerhouse.

With a passion for innovation and a relentless drive, she has turned her tiny apartment startup into a thriving enterprise known as Emerging Media, a certified woman-owned business, reflecting its commitment to diversity and innovation.

Moreover, her journey sparked as an AIDS educator, empowering former prostitutes in Thailand’s brothels to embrace entrepreneurship. This early experience set the tone for Lindner’s future as a disruptor and brand marketer.

Across 60+ countries, her global outreach is reflected in her engagements with startups, visionaries, and top executives. Fortune 100 giants like GE, PWC, Deutsche Bank, and Capital One have also benefited from Lindner’s expertise.

Further, with two decades of experience, her consultancy Emerging Media, champions innovation through the art of narrative.

“My belief is simple: incredible connections have the power to change the world.”

– Susan Lindner

Step into the world of Susan Lindner, the driving force propelling Emerging Media in this EO Wonder Podcast, as she offers an exclusive opportunity to delve into her transformative journey from a modest apartment startup to a thriving business powerhouse.

During this captivating episode, Lindner shares crucial themes that have shaped her success. From the art of delegation to crafting a life aligned with her aspirations, gain valuable insights into Lindner’s approach to entrepreneurship.

Her actionable PR strategies serve as a guide for those seeking to make a significant impact in the industry. Lindner’s reputation as a true connector and disruptor in the corporate landscape takes center stage in this episode.

Tune in to this episode and don’t miss the opportunity to gain wisdom from Lindner’s experiences and learn how to navigate the dynamic world of business.

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